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My neighbor's dog bit my chihuahua and they are refusing to pay the vet bills? Should I go to the court?

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I came home after late night dinner and thought I should take my Chihuahua for a quick pee before we go to bed. it was 11:30 00 pm Friday night. I didn't think I would need to put my dog on a leash. My dog is trained off leash anyways! So I took my dog out, but my neighbor's dog who was already out was off leash as well. While I was locking my door the other dog bigger breed.. not sure what sort of dog was he attacked my dog and took a big chunk out of his neck. My dog quickly walked away and I thought he was ok. I didn't notice anything at this point as it was quite dark in the co-op. But when we both got home I noticed the injury and immediately I took my dog and walked up to the neighbor's house. It was 12 am by then. I knocked on the door and told them politely that I wanted to show you the damage done and I expect they would pay the bill. Instead, they told me that I don't have a witness and should leave their door. When I said but their dog bit my dog and they know about it!! The man told me if I don't leave the door they will call the police and they did! So now I have my dog who is bitten by their dog with the charges that I pushed the other dog owner! I did not touch any one. I am small my self and the man was 6 feet tall heavy built. Please help what should I do! Go to the court or no! Can the court help me get the vet bills cover? Note: both the dogs were off leash at the time of the incident.

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asked Aug 2, 2017 in Pets by va2906

3 Answers

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You are in a bad spot for litigation. Without some form of proof, all they need do is deny the attack and you are then on the hook for costs.
You could file a report with animal control, any previous report would chalk a bad point for the neighbors dog.
Usually with legal matters I would suggest consulting an attorney.
>> If your neighbor did in fact confirm to police his dog attacked yours, there is the proof you need to win compensation for damages, including an official attack record to animal control.
Yes,I would file in small claims court. Your neighbor doesn't sound the sort I would tolerate.
I will point if you have leash laws where this happened, this could be found a no fault scenario.
I suggest consulting a lawyer.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by Jaxopher
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You expect the court to reward you for being a dumbass who doesn't bother keeping a dog on leash? LOL.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by irelyn
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What would be the point of going to court?
You need proof of the attack.
You wouldn't have a leg to stand on because It'll be your word against his.
His accusation of you pushing him will also be thrown out as well though, because he can't prove you pushed him either.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by polly

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