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Why dont countries like Britain the USA and Japan etc team up to get rid of that lunatic that runs North Korea?

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From concentration camps, to exporting its citizens abroad to be used a captive slave labour or sex slaves and public executions involving torching scores of people with a flame thrower for watching South Korean tv etc North Korea is such an evil country. It is so sad hearing about the misery and suffering experienced by the North Korean people. Furthermore they also seem intent on exporting this suffering, and have adverts on their tv which display their fantasies of nuking LA and Tokyo etc. Cant we just all team up and get rid of this guy?

It does not even have to be a war, but rather we could simply sponsor a revoloution or something.
Update: Edit Catryn:

So you dont agree that getting rid of Bin Laden and Saddam and turning Iraq into the only middle eastern country besides Israeil that is a democracy was a good thing? Furthermore we obviously can and have many times indirectly or otherwise got rid of particular regimes. Do you also not agree that it would be better for everybody to get rid of that guy and turn North Korea into another South Korea?
Update 2: Catrin: Catrin getting rid of Gaddafi in Libya was a good thing too as he sponsored the Lockerbie bombing in Scotland which killed many British people. Furthermore Egypt is now heading towards becoming a democracy, the French single handedly prevented Islamists from taking over Mali, and hundreds of thousands of ISIS guys have been wiped out.
Update 3: Better to reform the Arab world by getting rid of all of these awful dictators and religous fanatics and ensuring that ISIS members are being killed much faster than they are being recruited, as this tackles the root of the problem. If that region becomes a place full of democratic, prosperous countries rather than oppressive mediavel theocracies that support terror then we will all be better off.
Update 4: The turning point for me was watching all of these videos from North Korean TV which show his fantasies of attacking other countries. It is bad enough that he is so evil towards his own people, but now he is threatening the stability and economic interests of other countries. At some point this guy has to go and it would be better to sponsor a revoloution or have him asassinated or something like that.
Update 5: And it is not just about self interest. If the arab world becomes a place of prosperous democratic countries, rather than very poor (the arab world with 400 million people has a GDP about equal to Spain despite all of that oil) mediaval theocracies, then it will certainly be much better for the people of that region. And would it be better for North Koreans to continue to live under such a brutal regime or for it to be turned into another South Korea?
asked Sep 12, 2016 in News and Events by smyadmin
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