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Why are so many left wing people including the leader of the labour party giving their support to a guy (Keith Vaz) for using rent boys.?

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and also drugs....

I feel really bad for this guys wife, and this sort of behaviour is unbeffiting of a member of parliment. Indeed such people would be quick to deride a Conservative MP who behaved in this way (and rightly so) but are quick to defend this guy.There are many examples of this sort of hypocrisy, such as demonising figures on the right that they dislike as being like Hitler (Whose place on the political spectrum was not particularly left or right wing). While making excuses for a very long list of evil far left nutjobs, including Mao and Stalin (who killed vastly more people).

Indeed at the very least most of them seem to be in agreement that Lenin was a great guy, when if you read all of stuff that he wrote about all the various groups that he wanted eliminated, from religous people, to members of other political parties, and basically anybody who wasnt far left enough. Then you realize the ugly truth, which is that if he lived much longer then he would have been even worse than Stalin.
Update: Edit: Anonimous guy.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a genetic predisposition in terms of things like betraying your wife, being homosexual, defending or being a paedophile, and using drugs etc Rather anyone can be that way. Furthermore perhaps every instance of an asian person doing something which is morally reprehensible is not some kind of conspiracy. You dont hear me defending bad people just because they are white.
asked Sep 12, 2016 in News and Events by smyadmin
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