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What to use to Get Rid of the Ammonia smell of dog urine out of carpet?

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Ok so we recently moved into a apartment. Our bedroom carpet smells so Strongly of Ammoina from the dog urnine left from other tenant . We tried shampooing it with the Anita pet Oder solution and it didn't work just made it stronger and now my dogs are trying to mark it. What can I use to eliminate the smell for good ?

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asked Aug 2, 2017 in Home and Garden by Jenn

3 Answers

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This ISN'T yours to fix. Don't even try.
In fact, the apartment may not be considered habitable, since this is a health risk.
Tell your landlord it needs to be replaced, and if he doesn't deal with it, contact the local tenants rights organization, and the Board of Health.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by Rosalie
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The carpet and pad must be removed and the floor sealed. Bacteria residing in the carpet and pad are raising their families by the trillions and using the urine salts as a food source, the ammonia odors are a by product of this. The ammonia odors will eventually destroy your olfactory senses and you will loose your sense of smell. Your tightwad landlord should have never rented this unit under those circumstances. A black light used in total darkness will highlight the urine damage. Relocate if the landlord refuses to deal with this issue. Remember, sealing the floor is necessary. Pro Chem makes a product called Odor Barrier that is water bases and is applied with a paint roller. Do not put up with this disgusting condition. Also, do not allow any pets in this apt or you will witness a pissing contest.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by clayton
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Most often the urine soaks through the carpet and soaks into the wood underneath. The carpet must be pulled up and taken out and possibly the wood replaced then re-carpeted.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by mokrie

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