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I got my period and I'm out of pads?

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I'm 13, this is not my first period so I have some pads. I just got mine again, but when I went to put in a pad, we were out. I would've asked my mother to buy me more if she was still here, but she's not so.. I live with my father. I don't live with any other female family members, and there is no girl I could ask, since you know I can't just go out and buy em myself. It feels so awkward and uncomfortable to ask my dad. I don't want to ask him. What should do?

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asked Aug 1, 2017 in Health by Vanilla Spice

4 Answers

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Ask him. He already knows you are willing to get your period. You're a girl. Don't be afraid and don't find it awkward. And if this isn't your first, then he obviously knows about it. Your mom had to of told him.
Or you can just put toilet paper there. Roll up some about the size of a pad and put it on your underwear. Ask your mom to get some when she gets home.
answered Aug 1, 2017 by Deviled1
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Just ask him already. Neither him, nor you want to have an embarrassing accident in his place because every time you or he walks by the scene of the accident, it will haunt you two forever! Y'all don't want that.

My ex-girlfriend sent me to the store to buy her some pads once, it was weird feeling but I'm still here and still a man. Besides feeling uncomfortable, the only other thing that bothered me was all of the choices! There are so many for a novice to choose from. My advice to you is to tell him your problem and instruct him on exactly which brand and variety to purchase. If he can't handle the pressure, ask him to seek help from a female acquaintance of his. Maybe he can ask a neighbor to lend you a clean, unwrapped one? Sorry if that's against some female code I know nothing about. Either way, act now if he is your only hope or wait for mom if you can?
Good Luck
answered Aug 1, 2017 by chobo
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I know how tough that has to be, but rest assured almost every woman will have to ask a man for feminine supplies at some point. Just make it funny. "Dad I need lady things. Let's go. And while we're at it some ice cream would be awesome!"
answered Aug 1, 2017 by mayumi
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Listen I got my period at 12 and me and my mum are very close so it was no problem but when she was away I had to ask my step dad I just said " hey when are you going to the store" he said today why ?" And I just said I need some supplies " and he said " oh , like girl supplies " and then he went and brought me back pads just say " dad I need some feminine supplies " he will understand x
answered Aug 1, 2017 by MAISIE

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