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My boyfriend is mad at me because I wouldn t have sex with him?

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My boyfriend asked me earlier today, can we have sex, and I said "yeah, after my baby brother goes home." Later, after my brother got picked up, I didn t know I was going to get tired so I fell asleep. And plus, I had a little something to drink.
Just now, my boyfriend woke me up to have sex, I told him I was tired, we can have sex tomorrow. Tell me why he got mad and called me a liar. I told him I didn t know I was going to get this tired. Try watching a kid for two days straight, knowing sometimes you won t get any sleep like that because kids like to wake up every couple of hours.

He got so mad that he threw the box of condoms he had bought, in the trash can, then started talking about that he and his ex girlfriend always have sex, and he even said he should find another girl that will please him, and called me a lame because we don t always have sex.

Remind you, my boyfriend only says this when he gets upset. Whenever I say I don t feel like having sex, he gets mad and bring up his ex girlfriend (the one he had cheated on me with, in 2009.)

Should I feel bad?

By the way my boyfriend is 25 and I m 26. I added this just in case you think we re teenagers.

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asked Aug 1, 2017 in Family and Relationships by Abbott

2 Answers

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You may be 26 but you sound like a clueless needy teenager. NO WAY should you call that jerk a boyfriend. All he wants is sex and it sounds like he just uses you as his garbage can. And trust me, when a guy threatens that he can get sex elsewhere HE IS GETTING IT ELSEWHERE. Wake up and grow up. Dump that bum and find someone that cares for you no matter what, with or without sex.
answered Aug 1, 2017 by dizzy316
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Your boyfriend is immature and childish. getting mad over not having sex? That's ridiculous. Maybe he should find someone else to put up with him? A preschool maybe? Because he acts like he is four years old with the crazy tantrums

Selfish, ego-based, childish male. I would be so disgusted with this behavior i would not be ABLE to have sex with him. It would be such a turn off

Yikes Good luck with all that
answered Aug 1, 2017 by Patricia

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