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Should members of our emergency services be allowed to wear any religious headwear?

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The West Midlands Police are planning on allowing Muslim policewomen with burkas and niqabs.

We already allow police officers to wear hijabs and Sikh turbans.

I think this is a disgrace and pandering to people from ethnic minorities and inferior cultures. They should wear what everyone else is wearing or they shouldn't be allowed to take on the job.
asked Sep 12, 2016 in News and Events by smyadmin

1 Answer

0 votes
I would hope that having given the request due consideration they would not let it be worn - a police officer needs to be able to communicate with the public and effective communication requires someone's face to be visible.

I don't see any problem with minor amendments to uniform to accommodate certain groups in society, provided that such changes do not affect someone's ability to do their job. Allowing a Sikh paramedic to wear a turban is reasonable - any sort of facial covering isn't.
answered Sep 12, 2016 by smyadmin

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