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Any explanations for this?

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So last night I went biking down to my old elementary school. The place I attended as a child and made many good memories. It was 7 PM, the sun was setting. The school gates were closed off (I got in through a path), the parking lot was empty. All of the lights inside the school were turned off, the doors were locked and the field was empty. It was basically a ghost town. Which gave me the perfect time to peek into some classroom windows that I was once in. I know, it was kind of weird thing to do, but I was just curious to see how much has changed. There is a small window on one of the corners of the building, the window gives a view into the middle of the school corridors. I peaked in. It was pitch black inside the school, only illuminated by light flashing through the windows. I got stuck into a gaze when suddenly, I sh!t you not. A teacher walks by. (I assume it was a teacher) An older looking female comes walking by. She smiles and gives me a wave. I was obviously embarrassed that I was caught. But I was also confused. In a closed school building, all of the lights turned off with empty parking lots. Why is a "teacher" wandering through pitch-black hallways. Needless to say I got on my bike and left pretty quickly. Family members don't know, I don't know. What do you think?
asked Sep 12, 2016 in News and Events by smyadmin
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