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What were you doing on the 11th September 2001?

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gee whiz fifteen years already since that horrific day eh. where does the time go eh.

back then I was just a naive young kid who started college. my friends and me were on our summer break up in the mountains when the news broke. we only had a radio to hear it. as we drove back not a single one of us spoke to each other.
I lay under the stars that night with a really hot czech girl that had come over. president bush making his speech that we were at war we stayed up all night around the fire toasting marshmallows. reminded me of grandad telling us of pearl harbour attacks

fast forward fifteen years on. married, a beer gut, lost my hair and have two boys and work as a banker 15 hr days with bags under my eyes.

so where were you on that day?
asked Sep 12, 2016 in News and Events by smyadmin
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