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If you fail classes in college, are you required to retake them?

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I want to switch my major/academic program. Do I have to retake the classes I failed?
Update: What if I just want to take a different course? It is only three months.

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asked Jul 31, 2017 in Education and Reference by Kelley

2 Answers

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If you do not retake the classes, the grades remain posted to your transcript, and they affect your GPA. This will influence admission to graduate school, if you ever decide to go. (It might not matter to employers, who sometimes do not look at transcript GPA information.) The smart thing to do is visit your academic adviser and get information from someone who knows what the result will be of any choice open to you. That person will tell you honestly if re-taking the courses will be worth your time, or whether it is smarter to let things stand as they are. You'll be getting information from an expert who knows your college rules, can look at your academic history, and has experience dealing with these matters.
answered Jul 31, 2017 by ctsmrvn
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That depends on the college and university policies. When i failed second semester physics I refused to take it over again., so no, you might NOT NOT required to take failed course over again. My academic advisers response to my refusal to take the course over again was a raised eyebrow. he signed everything i need to pre-register and pre enroll for the the next semester. Both semesters of introductory physics were required supporting courses for an earth 'sciences / geology major. My cumulative GPA was high enough that was in good academic standing. I did graduate and i was admitted to graduate school.Now there is limit to how many times you can re-take the same class at many colleges and universities.

No, but it really DOES depend on the policies of your college AND university if it is college OF a university.
answered Jul 31, 2017 by CarolOklaNola
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