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Am I required to buy a new air conditioning unit for my tenant (NJ)?

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I own a 2-family house in NJ and rent the 2nd floor. When the family moved in, the central air conditioning unit was in good working condition. After some time the AC stopped working, so I purchased a new unit for the tenants. Now their 2nd AC unit is not working.

I have had the same AC unit for many years and it is still in good working condition. I believe the tenants are abusing the AC, by setting the temperature too low and having it run 24/7 (even when it is below 70 degrees outside). The pipes have frozen over several times.

If they are breaking the AC unit, I do not feel I should have to keep paying to fix or purchase new units.

I have a rental's agreement/contract, but the AC is not mentioned in it.

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asked Jul 30, 2017 in Business and Finance by JMITW

2 Answers

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Some products made by the same company which are manufactured today aren't the same quality as the same brand manufactured in earlier years. See if the unit can't be repaired. If not see if an experienced professional can determine the reason for the breakdown.

I've lived in my current apartment 7 years and I've had my AC set at 73 every day and 68 when I go to bed - since early May. I've done this every single year. Apparently I have a good quality unit and probably, like everything else, you get what you pay for. An AC should stand up to however much a person wants to use it. I hate being warm.

I wouldn't rent a place without AC and if my unit broke down and my LL failed to repair it or replace it, and quickly, in this summer heat, I would be seeing someone about being able to legally break my lease. Even my LL considers a broken down AC to be an emergency in the summer and repairs units or replaces them IMMEDIATELY when they no longer work (I live in an 8 story building with 3 wings).

Your tenants should feel that they can run the AC as low as they like because of their comfort levels - some people can't physically tolerate heat. If I were you I get them a very good quality AC.
answered Jul 30, 2017 by Judith
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You may not have to buy a new AC unit. If they leave the thermostat set too low, they are abusing the use of the AC and are responsible for any repairs or damages.

But AC units do need regular maintenance (provided by the LL). Maintenance would involve annual or semi-annual checks, cleaning of the condenser and evap coils and pressure checks. You don't want an unskilled tenant poking around the internal workings of the AC. The tenant replaces the air filters.
answered Jul 30, 2017 by Dan B

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