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What kind of actual trouble can you be in for lying on a resume?

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I live in Texas. I am 19 and the only have 2 fast food jobs on my resume. I am wanting to get more toward a receptionist job but most are asking for at least a year of experience. Im not trying to claim I have a degree or anything just the experience part. Obliviously I could get fired but is there any legal trouble? Any tips?

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asked Jul 30, 2017 in Business and Finance by Ricki

3 Answers

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If they check your references, perform a background check, you will be disqualified for the job. If discovered later, you can lose your job, be prosecuted for fraud, and if found guilty, have difficulty ever finding a job in the future - many companies, especially banks, finance, (any company that offers credit or works with securities like insurance and health fields) do not tolerate any past incident involving dishonesty. This is a form of theft.
answered Jul 30, 2017 by Barkley
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No, no legal consequences. Your two issues are going to be that you would have gotten the experience somewhere and they would contact that place so who is going to lie for you? The other issue is that you could be at the company 30 years and can be fired for lying on your application (resume included).
answered Jul 30, 2017 by Apollenaire
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There are several legal consequences you could face: Fraud and deception, misrepresentation, forgery...
answered Jul 30, 2017 by Chris P

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