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I m looking for a first car and aren t really sure what I want yet. Any help?

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I really like the design of the 6th generation mustangs and other coupes that are similar. I m looking for something that s fun to drive and doesn t make driving a chore. I won t be needing to carry that many people so space and practicality isn t that important. Price also isn t that important either, just nothing above 40k. I m open to all suggestions.

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asked Jul 29, 2017 in Cars and Transportation by FlagMichael

1 Answer

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First Car. Should be less than 5000$ and expect to put in another 1000$ in the next two years. First cars should always be inexpensive so you can get your driving experience at little cost. Nothing like the first dent or accident with a New Car. Expect you used car to last five years (mine 15.)

Paid in Full means you can get by with Liability insurance instead of full coverage (betting you will not get hit).
Savings on Property Tax, if your city/state has them.

Financing means you must carry Full Coverage to protect the lender.

Buying used means you can save the other expenses for your second car. and customization.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by KingsChair1000
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