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What's causing steering wheel to shake while driving?

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Just changed the steering shaft, tires look fine(no wear on the outside or inside) and it seem like while driving on the highway when going at a high speed the car seem to drive okay, well atleast the shaking isnt as bad but going low speed it shakes alot. Have anyone had this issue before and if so what was the issue and how did you fix it. My car is a 1998 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder, my last resort is to take it to a shop and have a full inspection done, tired of playing the guessing game!

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asked Jul 29, 2017 in Cars and Transportation by Mir Quasem

1 Answer

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Steering shaft??!
Why would you change that?
In my 45 years of vehicle repair, I have never changed a steering shaft, steering shaft bearing or steering shaft u-joint. I have changed a few rag-joints, however.

Something may be out of round, out of balance, bent or sloppy.

Start with the wheels/tires on a dynamic balancing machine, at a nearby tire store. You think they "look" good? What do they look like while spinning? Maybe a wheel is bent. Maybe there is a tread separation? You can't see that with the car sitting still in the driveway. Maybe a balance weight fell off. A simple unbalanced tire can make tremendous wear in steering and suspension components.

Next, look for slop in the steering system.

Sloppy CV joint?

How many miles are on this vehicle?

How many miles are on your tires? Especially your front tires?
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Ethan

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