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What does getting your motorcycle tag and title mean?

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I saw someone say they got their motorcycle tag and title. What exactly does that mean and how would someone go about getting those things for their motorcycle. about to get one.

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asked Jul 29, 2017 in Cars and Transportation by Earleen

3 Answers

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You must get the title from the previous owner at the time of purchase or give them no money. Title shows ownership, make sure it is in the sellers name if not do not give them money. You can not legally sell what you do not own. If the title is not in their name they don't own it. You will not be able to title or register in your name if this is not done proper. After titling in your name they will register it to you and give you plates/tags for it.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Poppy
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the tag is the license plate. the title shows that you own the motorcycle and their are no outstanding loans on it
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Murzy
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It means, you have legal ownership and registration to use it on a public road.

Take VIN number and any old paper on it, with former owner signing it to you, to your local DMV or MVD, whomever. And some $.
Or, salvage title or apply for lost title and more $. Even more if lien on it.

(This is either plate and sticker good for a year or sticker only, and white and pink slip or Certificate of Title. Depending on the state.CA DMV; pink/white slip and tag (Plate, I don't remember.) .. AZ MVD; plate . tag, and C of Title. It must be notarized, another pain.)

(Oh Good, Chuckey, that reminds me: MVD double charged me and I have to call Phoenix to straighten it out. )
answered Jul 29, 2017 by jrm
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