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Parents don't like car I want to buy?

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So I want to buy this car but it's from 2004 and has 50,000 miles, it's priced really good and I want to buy it, theirs no problems with it or anything, and since its such low miles, it's almost like a newer car, anyways my mom likes the look a little, but the only thing she doesn't like is that it's from 2004, and that's making her say no, keep in mind I will be paying for this with all my own money, but I do need to "loan" the money from my mom (witch she is fine with) what are some things I could say to convince her that this car is perfectly fine for the year it was made?

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asked Jul 29, 2017 in Cars and Transportation by Scott

1 Answer

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I presume this is a car near you, and not an internet ad. The fraud rate on those is shocking.

A 2004 car will have essentially all modern safety equipment so her objection must come from reliability. Whatever car you get should be pre-purchase inspected by a mechanic of your (or your mother's) choice. It will cost about $100 and can - often does - save thousands. Forget about Carfax, which is extremely unreliable (see the source). I have never seen a Carfax report without major factual errors, including in the title history and accident history. The mechanic will see the truth written in the car itself.

Personally, I prefer cars with higher mileage. At 50K miles it is hard to tell how they have been treated; at 100K miles it is hard to hide. My 2002 Prius was bought at 103K miles and needed its first repair (inverter pump) this past month at 192K miles. My daughter's 2002 Sienna is around the 230K mile mark. If it is in good shape at 100K it will very likely last another 150K.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by FlagMichael

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