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What to do for insurance when you first buy a used car?

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So I'm buying a used car. But when I drive it home why do I do for insurance right then and there? I'm an insured driver but won't have any paper work for the car I'm buying?

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asked Jul 29, 2017 in Cars and Transportation by Anne Smith

3 Answers

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If you don't got paperwork for that car, you don't got no insurance on that car. You need valid insurance (and the paper proof of it) before you can drive anywhere. That's the law.

Being insured as a driver on someone else's policy doesn't count for jack squat when you buy your own vehicle. You need to buy your own insurance on your own vehicle, and the policy needs to be issued in your name.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Obi Wan Knievel
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Well sport. It works like this. You buy the car and get the registration papers for it. Tell the people you will be right back as you catch a ride to an insurance outlet...with the paperwork. You present the paperwork to the insurance and say you want to insure this car.
They process the paperwork and get your name and address and tell you you got to pay $"X" amount. You pay them and probably you got to buy license plates there too. Now you got the insurance papers and the brand new license plates. You go back to the car you purchased and put on the license plates and put the insurance papers in the glove box of the car. You are insured to drive it on the road.

That is the only walking you have to do.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by KayleenR
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You need to have insurance BEFORE you drive it home. Contact your insurance agent with the VIN and they will see that you are covered.
answered Jul 29, 2017 by Scott

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