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Can I go to my local dealership for service on my used car?

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I have a used car that I bought from a private seller. My friends and parents recommended some local mechanic shops but I'm not sure if I like them and want to use them regularly. I get that dealerships might be more expensive than independent places, however, I would rather have someone who works on my type of vehicle 24/7 than some who sees them less often. The only things i would need done regularly are oil changes, state inspections, tires, etc. Will a dealership do those for me even if the car was not from them but from a private seller?

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asked Jul 27, 2017 in Cars and Transportation by Brian

3 Answers

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Yes, the dealership will be HAPPY to take your money, but there's no guarantee that their service work will be any better than a local independent shop. I would NEVER buy tires from a dealership. THEY are just going to buy the tires from a tire store anyway and upcharge you to install them. You're probably better off dealing directly with a shop that sells tires as a primary business.
answered Jul 27, 2017 by JetDoc
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Dealerships are no guarantee of a better job than an independent trader, in fact I suspect the opposite is usually the case as servicing is the kind of job the trainees will be doing while the experienced staff do the more difficult jobs.
answered Jul 27, 2017 by Mark
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Of course they will. Better yet is at the dealer they always check for "open recalls" on your car and do the recalls you may not even know about for free
Tires when replaced need to be followed by a 4 wheel alignment so that the new tires don't wear out prematurely.
Mitsubishi Master Tech
answered Jul 27, 2017 by thebax2006

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