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How to I get my parents to realize it s not fair????Okay so I have two sisters and we used to all share the same room but...?

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me and my other sister moved up to my attic with old furniture and peeling wall paper and stained carpet and our old twin sized beds. My other sister stayed in our old room and then bought a full sized bed and some lamps and a dresser and a bed sized table, sheets and pillows and my dad painted her walls. I am now 15 with still with my sister and old twin bed, not even new sheets bc "I m going to buy u a full bed so what s the point?" My sisters room has been completely redecorated, a new desk, sanded floors and re painted wall new fans... Each time I tell my parents if I could move to the basement and me& sister get new beds too they scream at me and tell me some dumb excuse. I m sick of it I have shared a room, clothes, closet and a bathroom my whole life! I m going to be out in a few years but I feel that my childhood had kinda sucked. Me and my sister have different schedules I wake up early and go to bed early and she wakes up late and goes to bed late disrupting me at all times. For once I just want some privacy but I can t seem to get it. My sister spends loads of money doing cheer, having her own part in the fridge and in the kitchen and gets her own groceries but I can t even have my deodorant be used only by me. It s unfair she throws huge fits and always gets what she wants, she flipped a damn table and broke a picture on the wall. I m sick of this just please tell me if u think this is totally unfair or completely reasonable???
asked Sep 8, 2016 in Home and Garden by smyadmin

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Sounds a little unfair. But, it mostly sounds maybe your a teenager and wants some privacy. I can relate. Grew up sharing rooms with my brother and sister while my older brother gets his own room. I am 15 as well and still share with my sister. But, I learned to just let go. (Well my older brother moved out for a year and it helped me get a clear head) But, maybe you should try showing responsibility? Doing chores, and not fighting with your sister, no matter how hard it may be, and then try asking them if maybe you could go to the basement. Depending on how your parents are you may need a graph chart, or something written out to show them. Or they may need to just see that you are old enough to care for yourself enough to have your own room.
answered Sep 8, 2016 by moscl
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