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My dad got me a mattress I don't like, should I confront him or just shut up?

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I am getting my first apartment and have two great parents who are willing to pay for a bedroom suite with a mattress since they did the same with my brother. I know I am super lucky to have that as some parents won't even pay for a pillow, nonetheless furniture.

My dad originally planned to get a full size mattress with a price range of $600. I told him I wanted a queen pillowtop mattress and will pay the difference. I will also being moving in on a Saturday and really wanted to be able to sleep my first night. Well without talking to me about it, he went online picked a queen size firm mattress that only delivers on weekdays.

This really irritates me because I don't know how the mattress feels, and having it be firm tells me it's probably not going to be comfortable. I also will have to take off my lunch break or take off work to have it delivered. A mattress is also something I have to sleep on for years, take care of and be comfortable with, and having this mattress is something I may not want to deal with.

So, right after that, I looked around online and found a deal for a pillowtop queen mattress that delivers on Saturdays for the same price plus tax. I told him I would pay the difference, but he doesn't want to return it or do anything.

Am I being ungrateful and should I put up with the delivery wait and see if I like the mattress? Or should I try to get a refund, confront my dad and buy a mattress myself?
asked Sep 8, 2016 in Home and Garden by smyadmin

1 Answer

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Here are your options:

Call the furniture company and cancel the mattress order. They cannot deliver without you being there, so do not accept delivery.

Go and buy your own mattress, perhaps with a payment plan.

Accept the delivery, check the bed out and if it is too firm, go and buy a mattress topper. I got a great memory foam topper from Overstock.com for $79. and it is absolutely fabulous!!

Accept the mattress delivery and if you do not like it, sell it and buy what you want.

I would NEVER buy a mattress for one of my children that they did not like. I have no idea why your father is insisting on buying you a mattress that is not suitable to your sleeping requirements. That makes zero sense.
answered Sep 8, 2016 by moscl
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