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does ice help get rid of a stye?

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Can you put ice on a stye?
So I've had a stye now since Tuesday (today is Friday) and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow with my boyfriend. I would rather not go around looking like I have one eye. What I have been doing is warm compresses on it which my doctor told me to do and that's the legit only home remedy that really works anyways. With warm compresses though, it makes the stye bigger because the warmth is fastening the popping process of the stye. Which is fine, I want it gone so that's what has to happen. But, I was thinking, what if the day of the wedding, in the morning I put ice on in just to make the swelling go down, for just that day of course. Is putting ice on a stye, even for one day, a bad thing?

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asked Jun 16, 2017 in Health by Sirbriggs

5 Answers

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I've had mine since Friday, too, and had the exact same thing happen to me. I drank more water and used warm compresses and it swelled up like a balloon. When I saw my doctor, she recommended to use ice or cold compresses instead... to reduce the swelling. It may slow down the healing process but I doubt it'll hurt to do it just for one day. A lot of people also told me that it really helped the appearance and to be honest I can definitely see better out of that eye. I think it really depends on the person. Puss doesn't HAVE to come out through a hole in the stye... think of it like a pimple. With enough water it can decrease and disappear as the toxins are washed out and fought off, and it can also escape through the skin's surface slowly but surely as well.
Personal experience.
answered Jun 16, 2017 by Sharon S
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well you might cause yourself alot of pain cause that fluid has no were to go and you'll be closing the pore...if it is that bad ask the doc if he can aspirate it. they use a needle and drain it manually instead of waiting
answered Jun 16, 2017 by Remilia
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When you have a stye should you keep your eye closed? Should you put ice, or heat on it? im confused.....?
i have a stye on my left eye, it isnt big enough to see but my mom says that it is one, i dont know how to react i can still see , but it hurts like a mother.... i really dont like this, and im not putting some stupid medication in my freaking eye.... can it go away on its own?
Update: it sounds so painful to put a tea bag on it
answered Jun 16, 2017 by cassiehiatt
Yeah, it will go away but it will take a lot longer on its own. I have found that taking a hot shower helps, and additional eye drops for a stye helps tremendously. I feel your pain-it sucks.
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Is putting ice cubes on stye/chalazion helpful?
i have had sty for about more then 5-6 months. It actually doesn't hurt now but it looks bad and i feel uncomfortable when i talk with other guys and they look at my eye. I consulted with 3 doctors and they gave some ointments and first the doctor gave one antiseptic tablets. Now after 6 months its not increasing nor decreasing. So i m putting ice cubes in it right now. So is that helpful to remove stye?
answered Jun 16, 2017 by kathryn
For a stye what you actually want to do is use a hot compress. This will free up the blockage and should allow the fluid/puss to drain naturally. Just take a clean towel and soak in warm/hot water and place over the eye. Do this a few times throughout the day and this should reduce/remove the stye. If it is still there after a week or so you should consult your doctor again, as I have never heard of a stye not going away after really a couple of weeks.
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I have a stye in my eye i was wondering if i put ice on it will it shrink?
answered Jun 16, 2017 by The Wanderer
Actually, you're supposed to apply warm compress, such as a warm washcloth. Also, go to CVS or Walgreens and look in the eye care section. There is an ointment in a little tube called "Stye" that helps relieve the stye. Also, there is a CVS or Walgreen's brand which is cheaper. None of the products claim to cure a stye but for me, the generic cream did cure it. The cream isn't very expensive either.

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