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why do my glasses give me a headache?

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Why do my glasses give me a headache?
So I found out I was nearsighted and finally went to get my eyes checked. The lady said I shouldn't have been driving and I got glasses that made me see 20/20. Now I think I can see ok without my glasses, but with the glasses I see the individual leaves on the tree and everyone's face clearly even from far away. The problem is, after I wear my glasses for about an hour, I start to get a headache and I start feeling better after I take my glasses off. So now I carry them everywhere, but wear them only for watching tv, driving, and when I need to read the board in class. What should I do?

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asked Jun 16, 2017 in Health by britbrit

4 Answers

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Well, I think what may be happening is that with myopia (nearsightedness), you see close up things fine, but distant objects are a bit blurred. Your new glasses are really designed to correct that particular problem. So if you use them for all seeing, far and near, that may be what is causing the headaches, as your eyes don't need them for all occasions.

Myopia works like this: After doing prolonged close work, the focusing muscle inside the eye locks up into a state of near focus. Over time this leads to permanent nearsightedness, an abnormal lengthening of the eye.

So to sum up, distance glasses are not for close work, only for distance viewing. Use them only when and where you have difficulty seeing and your headaches should disappear.
answered Jun 16, 2017 by I tamed the beast
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I just think your prescription should be toned down a little bit. Same thing happened to me when I first got my glasses...I could only wear them for a couple of hours and then I'd have to take them off. It could be one of two things: Either your prescription is too strong (you should never go up to the highest prescription you can, always go .25 or .5 lower so you don't strain your eyes), or it could just be that they're new and you need some time getting used to them.
I wear contacts, and once in a while i'll wear my glasses if I run out of contacts or whatever and I'll still get a huge headache when I wear my glasses because it's just a change, you know.

Just try wearing them for a week or two more then if it's the same, then your prescription is too strong, and if it gets better, then great!

Hope that helped!
answered Jun 16, 2017 by Not Sure
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Your glasses are correcting for near sightedness, which means that your eyes need to adjust to the new corrective prescription. This means that you may be straining a bit to get used to them, even if you're not aware of doing it. This creates tension in the muscles around your eyes, in your other facial muscles and scalp tissue. This could cause a headache. It should stop once you're accustom to it.
answered Jun 16, 2017 by Hasa
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Why do I get a headache whenever I wear glasses?
I usually wear contacts everyday, but on the weekends I wear glasses. But everytime I wear my glasses, I get a headache. Why is that?
Update: The prescription is up to date . I just got these like a month ago
answered Jun 16, 2017 by Casper
They lenses are wrong for you. Go get your eyes examined again and find a better match.
More than likely your prescription is too strong. If the headaches don't stop soon you may need to go back to your optometrist and get your prescription changed.
Are your glasses an updated prescription? Your eyes might be straining in the glasses because they are too weak.

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