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Glasses Causing Sharp Pain Behind Your Ears?

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When bending over & wearing glasses, I experience pain behind my ears. I suffer from sinutus (sp?) - could this be a symptom of that or something more

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asked Jun 16 in Health by Timotheous

4 Answers

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I do not think so  
Sinus Congestion and Allergic Rhinitis can be treated with Steam Inhalation using Menthol, Turmeric and Ginger tea if you have Post nasal Drip.
OTC Ibuprofen will aso help the headache. Short trial of Anti histaminic would help your allergy symptoms
answered Jun 16 by NeNe
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Have been having pain behind my right ear (where the bow of eyeglasses set). I have also had surgery on that ear as well.
answered Jun 16 by Thatone
How bad is the pain? What was the surgery for? Is any of the skin red? Do your glasses need to be adjusted? It may be a simple answer but maybe they're just too tight.
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Why does wearing glasses hurt my ears?
answered Jun 16 by Joseph
You should see your optician to adjust the legs of your eyeglasses.
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I have had to wear glasses since i was a child i have just recently noticed a little bump behind my ear where my glasses are it doesn't hurt or itch?
answered Jun 16 by Fluffy Dasher
it could be a swollen lymph node.
Monitor it for a week or so and if no improvement then get it checked out

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