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Is it sad that I would rather burn forever than to be with you Christians?

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Whenever Christians threaten me with hellfire, I always think of other religions or even denominations with the same kind of logic. The Mormons threaten the Catholics with fire, the Catholics threaten the Jehovah's Witnesses with fire, the Jehovah's Witnesses threaten the Muslims with fire, and so on. But even if there was a teeny tiny chance that your God and your denomination was true, I would still prefer hell any day. First, Christians and the Bible justifes every crime imaginable, so there's probably going to be a lot of stealing and child rape up there. Second, all the people who are educated and actually read the bible is down below, so I would rather be with people such as Einstein, Darwin, Hawkins, the Founding Fathers, and Socrates than clueless idots who haven't read the first chapter. Third, No pokemon or rock and roll in heaven. All of those things are considered satanic to fundamentalist Christians. That means I can play on my Guitar Hero and X version all day and not worry about school. Fourth, most of you Christians are already going to hell anyways. According to Revelation 14:1-4 and 22:14-15, God only allows 144,000 men and doesn't allow dogs to enter. Finally, with all the scientists down below, they must have invented air conditioning by now.
asked Sep 4, 2016 in Health by smyadmin
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