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can a woman get pregnant by an animal?

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Can a female human get pregnant by an animal?
ok i'm not on drugs & i'm not drunk but i'm seriously wondering if a female human has sex with a male animal (horse, dog, goat, etc) can she get pregnant?
asked Jun 15, 2017 in Health by Kim

4 Answers

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In order for two different species to interbreed, they must be closely related - usually within the same genus, and at least within the same family. This means that they shared an ancestor with each other more recently than with other animals, and thus share much of the same genetic material. Beyond family level, two species cease to share enough genetic material for the egg and sperm to 'recognize' each other - the sperm of a horse, dog, goat and so on simply would not be able to fertilise a human egg (and vice versa).

However, it is likely that humans could interbreed with chimpanzees and bonobos, our closest living relatives. We are in the same family as all the great apes, and from a genetic point of view should be in the same genus as chimps and bonobos - we share more DNA with them than lions and tigers or horses and donkeys do with each other, and these species can interbreed. Placing ourselves in a separate genus to all other animals is more about human arrogance than it is about genetics. It is rumoured that a certain scientist once impregnated a chimp with his own semen, but got cold feet and destroyed the animal before the offspring was born. Of course, a human-ape hybrid is never likely to happen for moral and ethical reasons, and a good thing too - imagine a creature with the strength and aggression of a chimp and the intelligence and capacity for evil of a human. It'd be lethal.
I used to be a zookeeper and have studied animals all my life.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by Hashim
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The only potential for a human crossbreed would be with a chimpanzee or bonobo since they are our closest relatives. An interesting thing about the dividing line of species, it's not much of a line and is based on genetic isolation. The less contact two family lines have with each other, the more they drift apart, accumulating new material from mutation and losing old genetic material from decay (a trait not maintained will break down through the generations). What should be obvious here is, the dividing line of species only exists laterally in time: that is, between modern crocodiles, modern humans, modern cats, modern gorillas.

Go backwards in time and you get genetic merging instead of drifting, isolation becomes consolidation. Distant cousins have brother and sister as their ancestors and humans become close kindred with other (now extinct) hominids. Go back further and the ancestors of humans and the ancestors of chimps are still dating each other. There is no species line when you travel back through time. Even when just looking at modern species, that line can be fuzzy because the emerging species (like lions and tigers for example) may no longer be brother and sister but are still kissing cousins. If they remain isolated genetically long enough through geographic distribution, their great grandchildren will evetuaaly be too genetically different to hybridize at all. Yes, this can happen to humans too.

Thanks to the modern ability to travel anywhere, genetic lineages that were growing apart are now more likley to mix, thus we have one species of human. But say in the future we colonize other worlds and due to the difficulty of space travel those colonies rarely if ever mix with each other. This would inevitably, over thousands of generations, result in genetic drift and multiple human species, as separate from each other as we are from chimpanzees.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by aarowswift
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Can a woman get pregnant with something other than a human?
now dont call me a sicko because i HAVE NOT been having sex with animals... lol. i just wonder about it... because scientists are always mixing up animals' genes... so why havent we tried it with humans...

and dont give me cocky answers like "because humans arent sick creatures like you".... come on be serious. im just curious.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by Alisyn
Cross-breeding between species only happens in rare instances. Like between a horse and a donkey. In fact, the definition of a species includes a criterium about being able to mate and reproduce more of the same species. If two things can interbreed and produce viable offspring (ie: ones that can survive and become fertile themselves), yet are sufficiently different such that you can discriminate between them, then a taxonomist might call them subspecies within a single species. Note that in the above mule example, the mules are sterile. Therefore horses and donkeys, although they are able to create offspring, are not of the same species.

The main obstruction is that, with the rare exceptions noted above, sperm from one species can only recognize eggs of the same species. There are receptors on the surface of the egg that the sperm needs to recognize in order to fertilize it. If the receptor doesn't match, then it can sit there and knock on the door all it wants, but the egg isn't going to let it in.

Another obstruction is chromosome number. I won't get into the details, but the take home message is that if two species have a different numbers of chromosomes, then it's going to be relatively impossible for them to produce a viable offspring.
Not for very long, and don't expect a live birth.

a) fertilizing a human egg with non-human sperm will probably result in an embryo that dies within a few days.
b) implanting a non-human embryo into a human woman will probably result in death of the embryo, due to either the uterine or hormonal environment being wrong for the embryo, or the woman's immune system rejects the foreign embryo.
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Is it possible for a human to get pregnant by an animal? Why or why not?
answered Jun 15, 2017 by toasteburnish
Ilya Ivanov (1870 - 1932) was the first scientist to make an hybridation between a zebra and a donkey. In 1910 Ilya Invanov wanted to go further and try make an hybridation between a human and an ape.

He started his experiment in 1926 in French Guinea. He first tried to get apes to be pregnant with human seed but it didn’t work.
Then (with the help of the soviet government) he tried to do the opposite, and even though he had volunteers he couldn’t do the experiment because his only available ape died from a brain hemorrhage.
Long answer short… . no.

But Fertilization can happen!

Dog sperm is both faster and stronger then human sperm.

It can live in a woman for 9 days.

Human sperm only lasts 3 days.

If during those 9 days she were to ovulate, the canine sperm would penetrate and fertilize her egg.

Because the chromosomes don't match, her egg dies shortly after.

Leaving her infertile for the rest of her cycle.

That is it!

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