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can you get pregnant from a dog?

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please don't say this is gross or your that's messed up ok. my little sister shes 12 she was up in her room and her dog was in there to and she has a really big dog. and she was changing out of her bathing suit and she was leaning over to get to her lower dresser. she is a little girl and she knows all about sex and stuff like that well when she was leaning over he came up be hind her and she thinks he injected some stuff in her. so i need to know if you can get pregnant from a dog?

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asked Jun 15, 2017 in Health by Big Lance!

3 Answers

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Agh!! you people are crazy!!! You definitely CANNOT get pregnant from dogs!! Do you think that if a donkey breeding with a horse cant even produce a perfectly good breed that a human and a dog can even produce anything??? Use your common sense people... dog+human=extremely disgusting... not a baby.
Sorry Katelin, that was mostly directed to the others who answered this question.
Regarding your little story, poor girl has been scarred for life! You have nothing to worry about anything in the lines of her getting pregnant. But if that dog actually did something you would probably want to take some health precautions. She could get pretty sick if it all went as the story tells. I hope everything turns out fine and that your sister is fine... your dog might need some glasses if he can't tell the difference between human and dog though. ;)
A little thing called a BRAIN!! plz use it....
answered Jun 15, 2017 by Steve
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no you can't, because the chromosomes for a dog do no match a human, and because of the difference in numbers, the 'sex gene' can not cause a human to reproduce with a father being a dog
However, I'm a bit concerned that you say it was a big dog. Most dogs, to increase the chance of getting the female dog pregnant, their thing enlargements or something so it actually get's stuck in the female for up to half an hour once they actually eject their sperm. That kind of thing is not meant to be in a human female, whose males don't' have the same thing, so it might have been extremely, it can also tear up something not meant to be torn.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by Joseph
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Will a human get pregnant after having sex with a dog?
What will the be the child like?
answered Jun 15, 2017 by kaylee
First things first, there is nothing wrong with Quora. Its a question-answer driven community. People will ask whatever they want to know. So get over your trivial biases in life, and stop disparaging those who question.

Contrarily, whats wrong with people answering questions @Quora.

You should either not subscribe to topics which are way beyond your maturity to handle, and if you do, do not reprimand a person questioning.

You should not answer questions in a manner which would reflect your ignorance on the subject.

1) Zoophilia, cross-species sexual activity between human and non-human animals, is way older than modern times. So clearly somebody denying its existence needs to do some research before they propose an answer.

2) Whether sexual involvement with animals is an offence, is subjective to different countries' legal norms and may not be agreeable by all.

3) Sex between a human and a non-human cannot impregnate either, because of biological, genetical and physiological differences.

Lastly, people should not get judgemental about what is normal and what is not, just because they have differing views on the subject. Stop grumbling and start respecting differing opinions.
I understand your desire to advance human race by such genetic experiments. But the problem is, evolution usually doesn't forgive stupidity. It kills stupidity. So to answer your question, no you wont get pregnant. You will die within a few hours  - Woman Dies From Sex With Dog
It is evolution's way of making sure that creatures like Anubis exist only in stories. It wouldn't let a guy like this walk on earth any day

Only Evolution is allowed to do experiments and create weird things. It doesn't like competition and usually kills competition.
No you won't get pregnant... but apart from pregnancy there are other genuine health and ethical concerns I must tell you about:

1. your health can get badly affected if you contract some sexually transmitted disease or infection or skin disease from your dog.
Many of these diseases spread based on genital to genital contact... and you never know what diseases or infections a otherwise healthy dog may be carrying.

2. Infact there is a documented case of a woman in UK who had sex with a dog... and later died because of a allergic reaction of her body to the dog's sperms... The man whose dog she had sex with was allowed to go without a fine or imprisonment but the dog was ordered to be killed (as per the man's lawyer's suggestions).
Her death was not instant but rather after very painful and somewhat prolonged suffering... where the doctors could not do anything to help her.
Google for this... and you can read the details.
I am sure there are many more cases of such deaths... but don't come into public attention as clearly like this.

3. There are genuine moral concerns.. because the dog may get emotionally attached to you and be confused and may behave oddly or aggressively with others. .. like not just sniffing other women's crutches but trying to establish ownership by trying to attack or even fatally attack males or children or family members the woman is with.
Remember... dogs are domestic and tame only as long as they see humans as their masters. .. Once they start feeling threatened or sexually jealous of humans or see humans as sexual rivals. .. They can attack with aggression far worse than any horror movie or novel can describe.

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