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can you get pregnant if you wipe sperm inside you?

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Can you get pregnant if you wipe sperm on your vagina?
any advice and help you may give will be appreciated! thanks!

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asked Jun 8, 2017 in Health by Danielle

6 Answers

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How old are you? Sounds like you're planning to trying something deceptive...REALLY bad idea. It is possible but why would you want to get pregnant that way? If the father is not ready for a child don't TRY to get pregnant on purpose, it's not only your life that will be affected, but his and the child's. It is unfair, and immature to pull a stunt like that. If you want a baby, talk to him. Maybe he's not ready for a good reason. The best way to conceive is when the couple are ready and agree they want to have a child. That way you can be prepared and receive the proper care, and be a responsible mother.
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Kate
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Is it possible to get pregnant from wiping your vagina with an already covered sperm?
Ive always been curious about this...is it possible lets say the guy wipes his sperm with a paper towel and than the girl cleans her self too. But lets say they had anal and she cleans that area and her vagina too. is it possible shell get pregnant?
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Mother Hubbard
There is always that chance. But Id be more concerned with an infection.... cleaning yourself after anal sex, and then using the same paper towel to clean the vagina introduces all sorts of bacteria (thats why they say to wipe front to back). To answer your question, yes it is a possibility.
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Can I get pregnant from wiping sperm outside of vagina?
So last weekend, my boyfriend and I were fooling around for a while, I ended up giving him a ********, ending with a handjob, in which he came a lot. When this was happening my vagina was nowhere near his penis, and after he came i immediately got up and ran my hands over water and then wiped them on a washcloth. (i wasn't wear pants or underwear or anything). i don't recall touching my vagina (not inside definately, but a chance that i touched right outside of it) at all during this time, but there's a slight chance i might have.. what are the chances i could get pregnant? i am very nervous about this!!! also what if a little precum got near my vagina! how likely is it that I'm pregnant?
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Sarah
No chance at all. You have nothing to worry about.
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Can you get pregnant from wiping your vagina with a tissue that has sperm on it?
Ok so, I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and he came on my stomach and I wiped the sperm off with a tissue. He joked about the sperm dripping down to my vagina (at first I didn't know he was joking) so that got me scared. I then folded the tissue in half and wiped my vagina. After I did that, my boyfriend commented on it saying that what if I didn't fully cover the sperm with the tissue so he inserted a tissue into me hoping he would somehow wipe off the sperm. Is there a chance that I would get pregnant after that? And this has always been bugging but, what does it feel like to "feel" pregnant?
Please answer asap because this has been stressing me out.
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Periferalist
yes, you can get pregnant from that. it is unlikely because sperm really arent that great of swimmers, but it is possible for one to miraculously make its way up and fertilize an egg.
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If you got sperm around your vagina and then wiped it off right away could you be pregnant?
I was at my boyfriends house and I was using the bathroom and accidentally I must have gotten something on the tissue that was on the seat and I had wiped myself with that tissue. After that I got nervous. If that had been sperm on the tissue could I be pregnant? I wiped again over and over after wards just in case, but im still very worried. Could I be pregnant?
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Sierra
Well all but one answer is true so far. It is possible to get pregnant if the sperm cells are still alive. And IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT WENT INTO YOUR VAGINA OR NOT. It can be only near and if it is alive it is still able to swim in. Several people have gotten accidentally pregnant that way. However, you have a very unlikely chance as long as what you said is true. It can only stay alive for a short period of time in air, meaning that if it was already on the toilet seat for even more than a minute then you should still be safe. But to be safer, I would recommend the morning after pill. Good Luck.
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Is it possible to get pregnant if you wipe a towel with fresh sperm on your vagina?
It's kind of awkward but when my boyfriend came on my stomach I wiped it off with a towel and then not thinking wiped out down there. Is there any possible way that could get me pregnant?
answered Jun 8, 2017 by Shadowfire
Unlikely, but still possible depending on how thoroughly you wiped. The sperm would have to get INTO your vagina to have a chance.
Many people think sperm dies when it hits the air. This is a myth. As long as it's wet, assume there may be viable sperm in there. If sperm died when hitting the air that would mean both artificial insemination and sperm testing would be impossible.
For instance: my husband had to ejaculate in a cup to have his sperm tested. That can't be done without the sperm being exposed to air. Still he could do this at home and take up to an hour afterward to get the cup containing sperm AND air to the lab. When there it was still early enough for the lab assistant to see how well his little swimmers could move. It was still completely viable.

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