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can you get pregnant by putting sperm in yourself?

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Can you get pregnant if you put sperm inside yourself?
So I put my boyfriends Sperm on my finger and inserted inside myself when we were drunk.What are the odds for pregnancy. I know its not right.I feel bad after I realized he told me what happen but I didn't think the odds were high.

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asked Jun 9 in Health by Nosmo

5 Answers

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It's sperm. Near or In your vagina. Of course you can get pregnant. Since we don't know your fertile window its hard to give an estimate but I'd say 50%chance.maybe yay, maybe nay. You'll just have to wait and test If your period late
answered Jun 9 by Charles Veidt
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Can you get pregnant from inserting cum inside yourself?
answered Jun 9 by Edwardb
Yes. It doesn't matter who put it there, if the sperm is viable and it is in your vagina or higher up, you can. That's pretty much the point of sex and of IVF too: the cum is inserted.
If you do it yourself without the proper means as a clinic might have, or if you compare with what usually happens when a man comes inside a vagina, the chances are probably smaller. But it's still posibble.
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CAn you get pregnant from fingering yourself with sperm?
So me and my Fiance are trying to get pregnant. But he's weird about it.. He doesn't like "cumming" inside. So he told me he'd *** on my stomach, and then he told me to put it on my finger and put it in my vagina. I did it, but I don't think it"ll work. Doesn't it have to be "shot" far in there? Or by doing so can I get pregnant? (we've done this more than once)
Update: I know it sounds like he doesn't want one.. But it was his idea to have one. He's been begging ME to do this. He just doesn't like cumming inside. I don't know whyy. He wont even *** in a condom, or in my mouth!
answered Jun 9 by Mike
You still can get pregnant like this, make sure you have as much as possible sperm on your fingers and make sure you touch/cover your cervix (the inside end of your vagina). This is however a crude, low effective method. If he really does not want to come inside you you'll have better chances if he ejaculates in a cup, and then you use a syringe to inseminate yourself. (Make him push the syringe when you inseminate, like this it's still him making you pregnant). I have to admit that I find his attitude disturbing, as in 'here, there's my seed, grab it and shove it in if you want my baby...
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Can i get pregnant by inserting sperm through a condom by myself?
answered Jun 9 by Jaquez
Any activity that has the potential to have semen/sperm come in contact with your vagina/cervix during your "fertile window" (the day of ovulation mid-cycle and the 5 preceding days) can lead to conception and pregnancy.
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Can you get pregnant by inserting sperm by hand ?
answered Jun 9 by Marc
Its possible but unlikely to get pregnant this way if enough fresh sperm-rich semen get into vagina by hands; and, of course if the woman is ovulating.
Any time the sperm is in the vagina, there is a chance of pregnancy.

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