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can you get pregnant from swallowing precum?

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Pre-Cum In Mouth! Is It Dangerous?
Tell me please if I can get pregnant from this (see title)!!!! I am 17 and my boyfriend wanted us to try oral sex. I said ok but I heard that a girl can become pregnant from a precum. Is this true?

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asked Jun 9, 2017 in Health by Mason

5 Answers

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You couldn’t get pregnant even if the boy ejaculated into your mouth. The sperm needs to go all the way through intestines and there is no way it can reach your egg even if there was ovulation. So, you can relax about that. Talking about sexually transmitted disease, the answer to your question would be yes-it is dangerous. You could easily get an STD from an unprotected oral sex.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by russell nigel
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YOU CAN NOT GET PREGNANT FROM PRECUM, Precum has no semen in it Only Semen has semen in it which is what gets you pregnant and only with vaginal sex, you can swallow gallons of cum and never get pregnant because its not possible to become pregnant that way.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by Maggie
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okay, first thing to get straight, you can NOT get pregnant from semen, you get pregnant from SPERM. semen is not the same as sperm. precum is semen, but it CAN contain sperm. when precum is released it flushes out any sperm that is left inside, so there CAN be sperm in precum. when a man ejaculates, he is releasing a mixture of semen and sperm.
but sperm can only fertilize an egg that it has access to. the digestive system and the ovaries are not connected at all, so there is absolutely no way swallowing alone can get you pregnant. there is a very small chance of getting pregnant if you get sperm in your mouth, kiss him (transferring it to his mouth) and then he gives you oral sex. unless you transfer it to your vagina somehow, you cant get pregnant from it.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by Owais
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Can you really get pregnant from pre cum?
Just curious. My bf and I had sex when I got cleared to do so didnt use a condom (stupid I know) but we were in the moment and what can you do lol. Any way he came no where close to finishing in me because I freaked out and jumped off lol I actually ruined it for him lol!! But I've herd you can get prego from pre cum. I started the pill last week. I really don't want to be prego again and I thought I was getting my period because I'm having little cramps and what not like it but idk everything reminds me of what it felt like to be prego I don't remember what a period feels like any more!!
answered Jun 9, 2017 by Beardog
I was just reading that pre cum doesn't carry sperm per se, but if there were little spermies left in his urethra from the last time he came then the pre cum could pick them up and deposit them into you...so yes you can become pregnant from pre cum, but the chance is very very slim. Especially if he had urinated since the last time he came.
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Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?
answered Jun 9, 2017 by deontaj
Generally no... pre-cum or Pre-ejaculate doesn't contain sperm cells on its own.
BUT... if the man has recently ejaculated, there could be sperm cells still in the urethra that can be picked up by the pre-ejaculate. Any one of those can get a woman pregnant. Usually, urination after ejaculation will clear the urethra of any lingering sperm cells.
It is possible but not very likely.
Pre-cum contains sperm mostly leftover  from the previous ejaculation.  The average number of sperm in a single ejaculation is 40 million.  And for good reason - it's a long, tough journey through the cervical mucus made in a woman's vagina, up into the uterus and then to find and penetrate that tough and microscopically small egg.  It truly is survival of the fittest.
The couple would have to be very fertile and lucky (or unlucky, depending on the goal), for pregnancy to occur - her cervical mucus (which provides the medium for the sperm to swim) would have to be copious enough to reach the opening of the vagina.  And he would have to have an exceptional sperm surviving in his urethra.
Yes. It's unlikely, but sperm/semen can dribble into the vagina and towards the uterus where pregnancy occurs.
I think there have been odd cases where women have become pregnant after unprotected anal only sex, this same way.

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