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can you get pregnant from swallowing while on your period?

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Is it possible AT ALL to get pregnant from swallowing sperm while your on your period?
Last month while I was on my period I "swallowed sperm". I haven't gotten my period this month & my nipples are sore, but that only started today. I got the stomach flu last month before I got my period also, and the sick feeling hasn't gone away. I'm super scared and I don't know what to do. Is it possible to get pregnant from swallowing sperm? TO heard when your on your period you'r more likely to get pregnant.

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asked Jun 9 in Health by Diogenes

6 Answers

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If you knew human anatomy you would know that the stomach and uterus are not connected. When you swallow a carrot does it come out your vagina?
You are equally able to get pregnant while on your period as not. If you don't know the answer to these questions you shouldn't be having sex...from either end.
answered Jun 9 by Zack
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No, you absolutely cannot get pregnant from swallowing sperm. No chance.
answered Jun 9 by BokaRaTom
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Not possible at all. Sperm has to enter the vagina for there to be any possibility of a pregnancy.
answered Jun 9 by Nanase Okawa
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my friend is freakin out cuz she didnt get her period last month....and she had oral sex wit her ex bf. last time she had her period was in jan.
answered Jun 9 by PAULH
I'm not trying to offend anyone, but seriously, if you are not educated enough, or old enough to know you cannot get pregnant through oral sex, you probably should not be sexually active in any way.
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im pretty worried.
but i gave h__d when i was on my periods and i swallowed.
is that even possible to get pregnant when you have your periods but swallowed semen?
answered Jun 9 by lowlevel
I also think that your parents must be like Sarah Palin who has a 17 year old daughter who is already a mother. Sex education is very important in all mature children.
You CANNOT get pregnant by swallowing it. Man's sperm has to travel trough the vagina and break into an egg from the women, in order to her to ger pregnant. For this, you have to have vaginal intercourse where an erect penis enters your vagina and produce the seminal fluid in there. When the penis rub against the vaginal walls, it will stimulate and produce the seminal fluid which has sperms.
Biomedical student (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
Nah...you won't get pregnant from it. Still worried? Think about it this way...if you swallow semen, it has no way of getting to your vagina. It'll go down your throat, and eventually be killed off in your stomach. Need not worry. Oh...and yes it's possible to get pregnant during your period.
Your parents must believe in the Sarah Palin's "sex education in the home only" approach. We know how well that turned out for her daughter and her not so civilized in-laws.
You may not get pregnant, but there are many other illnesses and diseases that you can get through these bodily fluids.
NO !!! It is medically impossible to get pregnant in that fashion!!! The sperm would die, as soon as it comes into contact with the acid in your stomach. But I have heard of someone who swallowed SO MUCH, they had to have their stomach pumped, because apparently it was making them sick. But they may just be an "urban legend" though!!!
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"Do it mean that you are pregnanted if you mess a period"?
answered Jun 9 by BlueNinjaLove
Not always. Experts and docs usually say to wait for at least 2 cycles to make

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