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can you get pink eye from seamen?

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Could semen cause pink eye?
Update: Its for my girlfriend not me.

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asked Jun 9 in Health by Melikatorres

5 Answers

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Conjunctivitis is caused by the same bacteria found in fecal matter, however- getting semen in your eye can cause burning, redness, irritation, redness, and pain. Best to wash it thoroughly with warm water if contact is made. Best of luck!
answered Jun 9 by Sally W
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Can semen give you pink eye?
answered Jun 9 by Cousin
First rinse the eye (with saline or even tap water).
And if you have pain blurred vision or discharge from the eye, then get it checked.
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Does getting semen in your eye cause pink eye?
answered Jun 9 by cymry3jones
With your eyes can definitely cause eye irritation but not an infection.
This will lead to eye redness. However, unlike an actual eye infection, this should resolve pretty quickly after you irrigate your eye with water.
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Is it true that pink eye is also caused when semen enters into your eyes?
answered Jun 9 by gibbsmb
Pink eye, is only a descriptive term for red eyes.
In theory if the semen of a man is contaminated with chlamydia, it can cause chlamydial conjunctivitis. If the conaminant is gonococcus it can caus gonorrheal conjunctivitis.
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About 2 am Sunday morning my boyfriend accidentally got semen in my eye and now i have pink eye, is there any way this is from the semen?
answered Jun 9 by BeastUnleashed
Yes it is possible although it may be a coincidence.
Males can be easily infected with either Chlamydia or gonorrhea without having symptoms but then pass on those infections. Both bacteria can cause pink eye although gonorrhea results in COPIOUS pus draining from the eye. You can also get a chemical pink eye from various substances but that seems less likely in this case.

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