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what happens if you get your own sperm in your eye?

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What will happen if you get sperm in your eye?
ok i got sperm in my eye..my bf shot in my eye, what will happen
its already red and hurt a little bit iguess because i keep touchin it!?

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asked Jun 7, 2017 in Health by Chang

7 Answers

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it will just sting a little but if you rinse your eye with luke warm water it will be fine, watch where you point that thing it can go off
starting UC Med School this fall
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Luke Watkins
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You're eye will eventually start to decay due to the acid inside the sperm. They will eat your eye until all that is left is your eye socket. It is also possible that when a sperm enters the eye, it starts building a mini population full of fungi. These fungi then start building city halls, libraries, and eventually your eye will close up and you will go blind.
HA HA. I'm just playing. Nothing will happen. Just be sure to rinse it out.
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Barry
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You'll be able to sea man - get it? god i'm funny!
Seriously though, stop touching it you're just irritating it more and if you have an eye bath try using that to get some water in there. Next time wear an eye mask :)
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Seth
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What happens if sperm goes in your eye?
Well I won't go into detail... But I got sperm in my eye a few days ago. Will it damage my sight?
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Thirdtwn
it makes ur eyes burn. its not a fun feeling... but ud just have to splash ur eyes with cold water.
personal experience
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Is it dangerouse to get semen in your eye?
I was mastrbtn and I shot myself in the face to see what it is like. I got it in my eye. It's red and irratated. What do I do? What will hapen? I'm kinda scared! Bplease help me...
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Kiri
It is a bit more powerful than cobra venom. Just kidding, just your own body fluid so no harm done, wash your eye out and you will be fine.
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What happens if you get your own semen in your eye ? (be mature)?
i was masturbating and i had (c*u*m) on my hand after washing my hand with hot water, you know how it gets like all hard.. i didnt know it was there and i went to rub my eye and it went in my eye.. i think i got most of it out but im not sure.. my eye didn't burn or anything but it is still itchy.. idk its weird.. but just let me know ok thanks
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Searcher
there are no ill effects from getting semen in yoru eye. It may feel uncomfortable for a whiel but it will sort of wash itself out soon. If you want it out sooner, try to tear up with yoru hewad down or run some cool clear water acrosss yoru eyes. Btu no harm done even if you let it work itself out.
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Can you get an eye infection from getting your own semen in your eye?
I'm being totally serious here, but last week while masturbating, I got semen in my eye. The following day, that eye was very slightly tender. In the past few days, my eyelid has gotten progressively more swollen. I've looked on google, and I can't find anything similar to what is going on with my eye. I don't think it is "pink eye" because the actual eyeball is not pink or irritated looking, and there's no discharge. My eyelid just hurts and is swollen.
I started using Visine today in an attempt to help ease the irritation, and my dad called in some amoxicillin for me (he's a dentist, so he just called in oral amoxicillin, not the kind that comes in eyedrop form). I've only used the Visine once and taken one dose of amoxicillin, and it seems to be clearing up a bit. If it doesn't start getting better immediately, I'll go see a doctor on Monday.
And to clarify, I don't know if you can get, like, gonorrhea or something in your eye, but either way, I know I don't have any STIs. I haven't been sexually active since my last blood panel.
Is it a total coincidence that my eye became inflamed and irritated the day after I got semen in it, or could the two events possibly be related? I'd go see a real doctor, but I don't know if I could bear to relate this story to somebody face to face.
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Jefferson
Hey Jefferson, I know what you mean, that happened to me once. Semen is very acidic, that's to fend off invaders while on their way to the cervix. It actually burns your eye a bit, but not seriously. Your eye will be red for a few days to fight off the invader.
Try this: put a wet facecloth in the microwave for 20 sec, then put over your eyes for a couple minutes. This gets the blood flowing to help fight off the irritant. Try putting some eyewash into your eye or just plain water will do. Your eye will be back to normal before I finish this sentence!

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