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how to store contact lenses without solution or case?

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How do i store contacts with no case or solution?need help asap!!! thanks?
i need answers asap

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asked May 31, 2017 in Health by andy 56

4 Answers

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use distilled water and a small glass covered in saran wrap or small tupperware container. it will hurt to put your contacts in after storing them in regular water, but they will be okay.
answered May 31, 2017 by John Doe
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How can I store my contact lenses overnight without Saline Solution??
I have no solution!!!!!
answered May 31, 2017 by Isabella
Well first of all DON'T store them in water....
No. Contact lenses should never be stored in tap water, nor should they be rinsed with tap water. Tap water often contains microorganisms that can latch onto the lenses, encouraging eye infections. Studies have shown that an organism called acanthamoeba is sometimes found in tap water. Acanthamoeba has been known to cause a devastating eye infection that can destroy the cornea, and sometimes the entire eye. Always use a contact lens solution for storing your contacts. Place your lenses in a clean lens case and fill with solution for soaking and disinfecting. Rinse the storage case everyday with sterile rinsing solution, and always allow the storage case to air dry.
If you wear contacts, be careful when it comes to hygiene. Carefully follow your doctor's instructions for disinfecting and caring for your lenses.
It's never a great idea to sleep in your contacts but if you are out of solution and won't be able to get any until tomorrow I would suggest just sleeping in them. Buy your solution in the am and clean them then.
You ether have to leave them in or throw them out.Ive left mine in over night several times with no problems.I once had a friend that would leave his in for 4 or 5 days straight which I don't recommend.The only side effect Ive ever had was really dry eyes the next day.Don't put them in just water!
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Is there a way to store your contacts without contact solution?
answered May 31, 2017 by susan
The only alternative, as in an absolute emergency where there is no possible way for you to get contact solution, is saliva. Sounds gross, right? Yeah, that's because it is.
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It is regret to know that you do not have case to store your contacts. Good hygiene is essential to keep your eyes healthy and contact lenses in good condition. Unfortunately, if you have no access to the right lens care solutions, water or soft drinks just won't do! Storage in water has been linked with contamination of lenses that can cause serious eye infections. Never store your lenses in anything other than the right solution designed for the type of lens you use (soft or gas-permeable), or saline. It's better to dispose of the lenses than to get an eye infection. If you're likely to do this very much, consider daily disposable - ask your optometrist for prices and availability.
answered Oct 28, 2017 by Lucy

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