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how to get rid of blurry eyes after swimming?

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Swimming pool blurry vision ?
Please Help, I Just Came Back From The Local Swimming Pool And Now I Have Really Bad Blurry Vision How Do I Get Rid Of It, I Already Tried Rinsing My Eyes For 15mins But What Else Helps? PLEASE HELP?

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asked May 31, 2017 in Health by Boyd

5 Answers

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For a start, stop rinsing them, eyes need a special salty water and washing with normal water will remove natural salts and other things that your body produces normally. 15 minutes of rinsing is pretty much guaranteed to make your vision blurry. Give them some time to recover and next time make sure you use fitting goggles.
Unfortunately, some people are very sensitive to chlorine levels and if these are higher than normal, you will get red irritated eyes, which you will rub and irritate further, causing the muscles that focus your eyes to not do their job properly. Just leave them alone for a while and see how they are then. They will take a little time to regain their normal function but they will do soon enough. If they are still bad in the morning, see your doctor but I reckon you won't need to.
answered May 31, 2017 by Sunshine
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You do NOT need to see a doctor.
If you open your eyes under water, this will happen. It won't go away for quite some time, sorry. Rinsing them probably won't help, your eyes are irritated due to over-exposure of chlorine. Next time, I suggest you wear goggles and put in eye drops before and after swimming to protect your eyes. Most people, including myself, don't do eye drops, just goggles. However, some people are more sensitive to chlorine.
It sucks, I know, but it's worth not have your vision all cloudy.
For now, try sleeping. Your eyes will be fine when you wake up.
swimteam for 10+ years.
answered May 31, 2017 by weirdashes
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Why blurry vision after swimming in pool?
My daughter started having blurry vision after she was swimming for 3-4 hrs in a pool. From time to time she did have her eyes open...she also wore googles for about a 1/2 hr. She has been out of the water for 3 hrs now...and NOW she is complaining that when she looks into light it makes her vision even blurrier! What is causing this and what can I do for her? (btw...she doesn't wear glasses or contacts)
answered May 31, 2017 by Penny
Chlorine irritation, she'll be okay, just rinse her eyes out with clean water
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Why is my vision blurry while in a swimming pool?
Why can't i see properly in swimming pools, and what do goggles do to clear that vision? I'm not talking about AFTER swimming, i mean while swimming with my head under the water looking at things that are also in the water.
answered May 31, 2017 by They Call Me Nardo
Light behaves differently in water than in air, distorting what you see. Particularly when you are swimming or diving, objects appear larger and closer than they actually are. This can hamper your eye-hand coordination.
Swim goggles and diving masks work by providing a pocket of air in front of you that enables light rays to travel to and through your eyes in a more precisely focused way.
Without that chamber of air in swim goggles and diving masks, your eyes would contact the water directly. Because light rays cannot effectively travel through water for your eyes to achieve proper focus, your vision under these circumstances is actually worse than legal blindness.
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I have blurry vision, from a swimming pool maybe?
I was swimming in my friend's pool (chlorinated) without goggles, and when i came out i had the regular filmy, blurry vision and a little pink eye. However, the blurriness has persisted for 1 and a half weeks now. I'm having trouble focusing on objects and words in the distance and i sort of have to blink it away for a couple of minutes. I have an eye doctor's appointment soon but its a really annoying issue and I don't want to deal with it much longer.
answered May 31, 2017 by Ruth
Your eyes may be sunburned it happend I me but went away in about an hour and a half. Watch a movie in the dark will help but not to dark like sundown with lights off and door shut will help.

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