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EyeBuyDirect Don't buy from here

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I thought this would be a perfect website to order from. eyebuydirect.com have beautiful frames with amazing photos and great prices. It seemed like an amazing deal. I ordered a pair that was $32 + a fancy $19 lens. $51 in total. I used a coupon to get a discount which gave me 15% off and free shipping. Seems great, right? Well, I tried to check out, and it said "the communication with the payment gateway is experiencing a network delay," and it (seemed to) not put my order through, because the item was still in my cart. I tried it again and again, on different days and different computers, and nothing. Finally, my card was charged for the first one. But I received an email saying eyebuydirect.com hadn't received payment. I checked my recent orders and lo and behold, there were 2 identical orders (one was more because my coupon "expired" despite me never having submitted an order) that both said payment pending. Emailing eyebuydirect.com for customer service is futile, because eyebuydirect.com never answer your questions. eyebuydirect.com just send you back pointless remarks. I sent eyebuydirect.com screenshots of the error message I was receiving, and telling eyebuydirect.com what was going on, and all eyebuydirect.com did was restore my coupon and remind me my payment wasn't received without even acknowledging my problem. I tried to call eyebuydirect.com the next day. The customer service phone number seemed extremely unprofessional. The automated voice sounded like it had been recorded in a bathroom with bad acoustics, and the music is probably the first result on Google for "hold music." Then I was connected with a representative, and she had an Asian accent. Now, I wouldn't really notice this normally, but eyebuydirect.com was already seeming very suspicious, and this just added to it, since there are a lot of companies who will scam you that work out of Asia. She kept insisting that the payment hadn't been received even though it charged to my card. Where did the money go? Who knows. I told her to just cancel the orders and I would try again. The money didn't return to my bank account even after cancelling the orders, so I had to call the credit card company and ask eyebuydirect.com to block the payment (since it hadn't been processed but was pending). The credit card company now has eyebuydirect.com on a list. I want to buy the frames that I chose, but this website is so suspicious and had such bad service, there's no way I can. I recommend Zenni Optical. I've ordered from eyebuydirect.com before and the glasses were great quality; I'm ordering from there again this time.
asked May 31, 2017 in Local Businesses by Ethan A.
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