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Is it OK to only wear one contact lens in one eye?

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Is it okay to wear a contact lens in one eye (when u need them for both)?
one of my contact lense has a tiny rip (very tiny) and i don't get my new ones till this saturday. school starts this week so i was wondering if its okay to wear one of them in an eye so if i have to see i can just close one eye? or is it okay to wear the one with the tiny rip? (just for a day or two)

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asked May 30, 2017 in Health by RAT M

3 Answers

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Don't wear the one with the rip in it! That can scratch your cornea and be very painful. It's ok to wear the one, though if your prescription is high enough, it will be uncomfortable, and you could lose depth perception. Try it for a few hours on a day before you start school to see how it feels. If it's not comfortable just wear glasses. Most people will probably compliment you on them anyway.
answered May 30, 2017 by Baron VonHiggins
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Could I wear just one contact lense?
I've been reading around and everyone says it is ok to wear just one but the eye with the lense wil become dominent and your vision will become unbalenced.
My left eye has had problems and my vison is very blurry, so for about two years my right eye has been dominent and I am used to it by now. So should I be able to wear just one contact lense?
answered May 30, 2017 by Edwardb
Most people have one eye that is dominent. My right is for distance, and my left is for close. I have a very close friend who has the exact same thing, and she has been wearing ONE contact in her eye for over 6 years now. It's just like wearing monocular lenses for her, she says. :o)
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Can I wear one contact lens for reading instead of glasses?
I am 51 years old and farsighted and need reading glasses to read. A couple of my coworkers with the same condition see the same eye doctor. Their doctor suggested they only wear one contact lens. They wear it on their dominant eye and it is for reading. Both said it took a couple of weeks to adjust but now they think nothing of it and see fine, both at a distance and up close. They change the contact once a month and forget about it. No glasses. Sounds almost too good to be true but they swear by it and wouldn't change a thing. Should I go to this doctor and try the same thing?
answered May 30, 2017 by James
What you are describing is called monovision. Optometrists have used this for many years with some success. Ophthalmologists (EyeMDs) can create the same effect with contact lenses, LASIK, or intraocular lenses. One eye is focused for near and the other for distance. Not everyone is a candidate, and some people are unable to adjust to this type of vision. Normally, the human brain fuses the images created by each eye into a single image. Not everyone has what doctors call the "neuroplasticity" to adapt to this type of vision. Some jobs require binocular vision (using both eyes together simultaneously), which is lost when switched to monovision. It is most successful when the dominant eye is used for distance vision.
An ophthalmologist can do a thorough evaluation of your eyes and recommend the appropriate course of action.

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