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PerfectGlasses.co.uk Wish I read this prior my order...

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Today I just got my glasses after a month and a half. I think that the frames are knockoffs since the box cover is glued and it got loose already by just opening the box twice! Anyway, vision wise the glasses are OK but I think that perfectglasses.co.uk have put a slightly smaller frame. I can't find the model anymore so I can't see and the order says nothing! Considering the quality of the box, I don't think that the lenses are anything better. I thought that I have saved some £££ but probably my optician round the corner will soon see me. As regards the delay, after I placed my order, a guy called me saying that there will be a delay. He was indian and I couldn't understand what he was trying to say! He said that after 12 days the glasses will be shipped. After 2 weeks I spoke to perfectglasses.co.uk through their chat. This was 12th Feb. The lady said that the glasses were shipped on the 9th Feb. 3 weeks passed and no glasses. I talked to perfectglasses.co.uk again and this time round the excuse was - 'the courier lost the glasses and we have shipped a new pair.' I sensed that something is not right here. Anyway it seems luckily I got the glasses but I don't have high hopes on the durability and it is not that comfortable with a smaller frame - though vision wise is fine. I won't buy again anyway.
asked May 25, 2017 in Local Businesses by Jason P.
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