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PerfectGlasses.co.uk I ordered glasses from Perfect Glasses at the end of...

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I ordered glasses from Perfect Glasses at the end of 2013, I struggled with perfectglasses.co.uk for a few weeks before going to a high street optician to get a second opinion. perfectglasses.co.uk told me the glasses made by Perfect Glasses were not to my prescription and were not fit for use. I sent perfectglasses.co.uk back to Perfect Glasses with the comments from the high street optician, perfectglasses.co.uk denied the fault and sent perfectglasses.co.uk back to me again. I took perfectglasses.co.uk to another High Street Optician who also confirmed perfectglasses.co.uk were incorrectly made, I once again sent perfectglasses.co.uk back to Perfect Glasses who agreed perfectglasses.co.uk were faulty and agreed a refund. I was then told that of my original order of £52.90 that perfectglasses.co.uk would only refund £45.00 the additional amount was postage, I also asked for £7.60 to be refunded for the postage costs for me to send the glasses back to perfectglasses.co.uk twice by recorded delivery. perfectglasses.co.uk refused to give any amount of compensation for stress or postage costs even though perfectglasses.co.uk had accepted the glasses were faulty. Anyway, I failed to receive the refund after a month of waiting so chased again to be told the processing had not been completed and a refund would be sent that day, a further month passed and no refund and another round of emails chasing finally actioned a refund sent via paypal. However, when I clicked on the link to accept the refund, I was going to be charged a further £2.41 for fees via paypal. My original order to Perfect Glasses was via a credit card payment and therefore I did not accept the refund and sent a further email to Perfect Glasses to complain of once again a further charge from my original order value. Lets not forget the glasses I ordered and were made were faulty and not fit for purpose therefore how is it that it is still costing me money !! why is it so hard to get a full refund from perfectglasses.co.uk. I have now been involved in this process for nearly a year and with no end in near..... perfectglasses.co.uk is disgusting and is a bad example of internet opticians... Do not use perfectglasses.co.uk..
asked May 25, 2017 in Local Businesses by M O.
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