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PerfectGlasses.co.uk I sent perfectglasses.co.uk £80 plus my Ray Bans to have Prescription...

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I sent perfectglasses.co.uk £80 plus my Ray Bans to have Prescription Polarized Lenses put in, after 3 weeks with no comms I thought I'd give perfectglasses.co.uk a call for an update, perfectglasses.co.uk said perfectglasses.co.uk had to be sent perfectglasses.co.uk back to their lab for quality reasons and gave me the first of seven BS stories of delivery dates but could never give me a Tracking Number. After being lied to so many times it has left me very angry. DO NOT USE perfectglasses.co.uk, perfectglasses.co.uk HAVE MY MONEY AND MY RAY BANS THAT ADD UP TO £200 perfectglasses.co.uk'VE GIVEN ME NOTHING IN RETURN... DO NOT USE!!!!
asked May 25, 2017 in Local Businesses by Russell H.
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