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is it bad to take a nap with contacts?

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Is it really that bad to take a nap with contacts in?
The other day I was in the car and I just fell asleep for a half an hour or 20 min. I woke up and was fine and took them off that night a few hours later and they sort of seemed to stick to my eyes, because I did not have eye drops, but I took them off like normal. I wear soft lenses and they are one day disposable. Was that really that bad and should I wait for a while to wear them again and just use my glasses? What was the risk in doing that?

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asked May 24, 2017 in Health by CECIL W

5 Answers

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The biggest problem I've ever had is my eyes getting dry. If I nap with them in, I just take them out and rinse as soon as I wake up. I would avoid it as much as possible, but you aren't going to have serious problems if you fall asleep with them in once in a while.
Personal experience.
answered May 24, 2017 by Mia
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Can u take a nap with your contacts in?
i just got contacts and i kno u arent supposed to sleep with them in but is it safe to take a nap with them in.
answered May 24, 2017 by ALBERT
I can't believe the irresponsible answers you have got so far!!!
It depends on the lenses you have. When you close your eyelids, even for a nap, you starve the eyes of oxygen. All the oxygen that your cornea needs is got from the atmosphere, it does not have a blood supply.
When you put a contact lens over your cornea you stop some of the oxygen getting to it. The better (and generally more expensive) your lenses are, the more oxygen it allows to your eye. So if you close your eyes with lenses in you could be lowering the oxygen levels so low that it will cause problems if you keep doing it. The effects are cumulative, it is likely that nothing will happen if you do it once but keep doing it and you will get problems, like blood vessels growing into the cornea to try to get the oxygen you are starving it of.
A lens that is suitable to nap in is a silicone hydrogel, for example the acuvue advance or the O2 optix. Just ask your optician if your lenses are suitable, they will know.
I'm an optician
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When you took your I &R class the optician should have given you directions on proper care for contacts you may have also been given a list of does and don'ts. On that list it should say NEVER where your contacts while sleeping or napping. Anyone who tells you that it is safe is lying and obviously knows very little about eye care and diseases of the eye. You can easily cause infection by sleeping or napping in them. It can cause a protien build up on the lens . You can also cause damage to your eyeif the contact dries out onto your cornea.

answered May 24, 2017 by Dawn R
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Sleeping in contacts is bad because it deprives your eyes of oxygen. long term that will give you problems but a 20 minute nap in the car isn't an issue. As you have found it will make your eyes dry and without drops that is a nuisance. Just carry on wearing them, but golden rule is dont' go to bed at night with them still in.
As contacts get older they are less able to transmit oxygen to the eye thereby depriving the eye of oxygen. So teh poster who is using their lenses longer than they should is getting less oxygen to the eye. This doesn't create an immediate problem but long term it can damage eyesight adn there aern't many warning signs before the damage is done.
answered May 24, 2017 by Alfred
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How bad is it to take a nap with contact lenses in?
I've always been a good kid and never slept with contacts in, not even by accident. I'm in a bus right now and the ride is like more than 2 hours, I had a long day and I'm super tired and sleepy.  Obviously I can't take em out right now... so, how bad is it to sleep with contacts in? Will something horrid happen? Or can I just not give a fuck and just do it?
answered May 24, 2017 by BStone
It's not advisable, but if you do fall asleep in your contact lenses by mistake then THE WORST possible thing you can do, is take them out straight away. I learned this the hard way many years back, when I took my contacts straight out after I woke up from accidentally sleeping in them, and my eyes would not stop streaming.
I went straight to my optician who told me that if you fall asleep in your contacts, then you need to wait a few hours before taking them out, to allow new tears to form in your eyes while you are awake, which moistens the lense before you try and take it out of your eye. If you try and take lenses out as soon as you wake up - then your eyes are too dry from being asleep and it will massively hurt your eyes.
I never deliberately go to sleep in lenses but if I accidentally fall asleep in them, I follow this advice of waiting a couple of hours before removing them, and I haven't had a problem since.

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