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Has this ever happened to you? Is it wrong to stand behind and watch other people play games at the casino? Why does she acts so rude to me?

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Yesterday I wandered around the casino a bit and went to the slot machines area. I stand behind a woman and watch her play the slot machine. When she saw me came over, she immediately get offended and tell me to back off. She said if I don't go she will call the security at me and then I asked her what was the problem. She told me that she doesn't like me standing there watching her play and I distanced myself from her. After that she went up to the staff and said this is unacceptable and if she sees me again she will call the security.

Is it against the rules to stand behind and watch other people play at the casino? Does she have the right to tell me to go away? I don't understand why does she act to be so rude to me? I'm 21, but normally I look about 3-4 years younger than my actual age. Is it because she thought I am underage that's why she doesn't want me to stand around and watch her play? But I don't think that's the case because she didn't ask about age. Aside from me there are also plenty of people who stands behind and watch others play. I don't understand why did she only targets me?
asked Aug 30, 2016 in Games and Recreation by smyadmin
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