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how to lighten eyes with chamomile tea?

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Chamomile water and brighter eyes?
I just wanted to let people know that
I read this article a while back on how to lighten your natural eye color with chamomile tea water
fyi:This natural remedy is effective for dry, tired, burning, itching, red, throbbing eyes. It even helps pink eye.

but the thought of it making my eyes lighter in color...I thought it was impossible
but I started washing my eyes once in a while(not daily or religiously) with chamomile water
not to change the color but to help with dry eyes and guess what?

a couple days ago I noticed a difference in the color of my eyes
compared to a picture that was taken 2 years ago and my eyes look a hint lighter
i am not talking about a drastic change but yeah a change none the less

I have green eyes but now look lighter green :)
just thought I would share this with you guys
Update: just buy organic chamomile tea bags
and fix it up like you would any other tea just add water you know

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asked May 23, 2017 in Health by By Starlight

2 Answers

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Can chamomile tea lighten eyes alone?
answered May 23, 2017 by Zeta Reticuli
I have heard that it lightens hair...but eyes ? No...or you made a break through and about to become a billionaire :).
No. Do not put this in your eyes or expect it to change your eye color by drinking it
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Yes, the chamomile tea is good for the eyes which will lighten your eyes. Drinking chamomile tea may help your eyes release from tiredness. The chamomile tea may treat your eye fatigue, blurred vision and so on which will also have very good curative effect. In addition, the chamomile tea can protect the health of the eyes. In addition to daub eyes which can eliminate dropsy, it has many other functions. Usually you can make a cup of chamomile tea to drink everyday to eliminate eye fatigue. Your eye sight may be improved to some degree if you drink it every day.
answered May 23, 2017 by Scott

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