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how to get rid of dilated pupils from eye doctor?

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How to get rid of dilated eyes after eye doctor?
I have to get my eyes dilated tomorrow, but afterwards I have important things to do on my iPad, which I will not be able to see. Do not tell me to use special eye drops or to wait it out, because those are not options.

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asked 6 days ago in Health by Jen

3 Answers

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How long does it take for your pupils to un-dilate after going to the optometrist?
I'm worried. . . .
Update: i went at around 12 (california time) and everything is still blurry and when i look in the mirror my pupils are still huge
answered 6 days ago by Helena
The most common procedure performed to diagnose vision problems is dilation of the pupils. To "dilate the pupils" means to make the pupils bigger. The pupils are the little black dots in the center of the front of the eyes. The pupils act as windows to the eyes regulating the amount of incoming light.

Why Dilate the Pupils? - Dilating the pupils permits us to do two things: (1) Better see the structures inside the eye such as the lens, vitreous, optic nerve and retina, and to (2) Perform a refraction.

What is a Refraction? A refraction determines whether and how much the eyes are hyperopic (farsighted) or myopic (nearsighted) with or without astigmatism. Astigmatism is present when the eye is shaped more like a football rather than like a basketball. Glasses are prescribed based on the refraction.

Why Dilate to Refract? Children under the age of ten will most likely require dilation of the pupils in order to obtain an accurate refraction. Under ordinary circumstances the refraction changes from moment to moment as you look around the room due to the lens of the eye making automatic focus adjustments much like an autofocus camera. These instantaneous adjustments of the lens cover up the true refraction. We therefore need to relax the lens in order to perform a stable refraction. Dilation drops not only dilate the pupils, but also temporarily relax the lens.

How Do You Dilate the Pupils? We use standard dilating eye drops once, twice or three times depending upon how well certain eyes dilate. The drops take effect after 30-45 minutes.

Why is Vision Blurred By Dilation? The focusing ability of the lens is what allows us to see objects at near. The dilation drops relax the focusing ability of the lens. Therefore, after dilation near vision becomes blurred but distance vision is minimally affected. However, if you are hyperopic (farsighted) the lens also normally focuses at distance. Therefore, after dilation in patients who are hyperopic (farsighted), near AND distance vision may be blurred. Your current glasses should help in either case.

What are the Side Effects? The eyes may be sensitive, however, sunlight will not harm them. Complimentary sunglasses are available at check-out. Although we are unable to recommend driving a motor vehicle, or operating heavy machinery while the eyes are dilated, many patients do drive home reporting minimal effect on driving vision. Use your best judgment.


Adults may expect gradual return of normal vision over 4-8 HOURS
Children will likely require a day (or rarely two or three) for complete return of normal vision and pupil size. Some eyes are just more sensitive to the eye drops and remain dilated for several days. Don't worry, the effect of the dilation drops will wear off completely without any harm to the eyes. Occasionally, the dilation drops in children can cause slight facial redness, fever, thirst, or sleepiness. These symptoms should go away in a matter of hours.

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