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how to make pupils smaller after drugs?

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How can you make your pupils smaller?
my friend is taking MDMA friday night but her dad is coming to visit 10.30am sat morning. he obviously can't see her hugely dilated pupils, does anyone have an idea how to make them smaller? and please don't anyone comment saying drugs are bad and jst dnt take them etc.

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asked May 19, 2017 in Health by buttondolly

2 Answers

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in the morning her pupils are not going to be big there gunna be small, only when your actually rolling your pupils are big. but if u think im wrong tell her to go buy contact lenses that are the same color as her eyes. contact lense pupils dont change in size so wen she puts them on the color in the lenses will be covering up her huge pupils (they wont be big though). but yes thats all she can do.
answered May 19, 2017 by Robyn H
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How to cover up pupil dilation?
When taking most of the drugs I enjoy like LSD or MDMA my pupils go crazy and I can nearly always hold my body together so people don't notice but when your pupils are 3 times the size they should be it's hard to cover it up. so I guess my question is has anyone found a vitamin or trick to get your pupils to semi normal sizes while rolling? Also I know sunglasses obviously but I look like shit wearing them so I try and avoid that option.
answered May 19, 2017 by Deino
I think you need to learn to not give a fuck. No one gives a shit if your high as long as your behavior is not erratic. Act like an average person and I doubt people even notice the size of your pupils.

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