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how to get rid of dilated pupils fast?

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Any tips to get rid of dilated pupils quicker?
I went to the doctor today and they gave me these eye-drops that enlarge your pupils; which means I basically can't see anything from close distance (it's too blurry) and looking at bright lights hurts my eyes a lot.
It's nothing serious - I have absolutely no brain injuries and everything has been checked; but now I'm just waiting for the effect to wear off. They said it would wear off completely in a day or two - but I can't wait that long!
So, any tips?

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asked May 19, 2017 in Health by ilka

3 Answers

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There are drops that will reverse or counteract dilating drops but you have to get them from a doctor. They don't sell anything OTC that will work. However, normally eyes stay dilated 4-5 hours and not 1-2 days.
answered May 19, 2017 by Noemivera
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if my eyes are dilated fom using crystal meth, how do i get rid of my eyes being dilated? please :)
Hi, the dilitation of your pupils should resolve in about 12 hours.
It is from the activity of the adrenaline-like substance found in crystal meth.
Medications which would combat this would things that contain opiates, such as vicodin, codeine, heroin. But there are no eye drops you could put into your eyes.
Just wear glasses.
answered May 19, 2017 by Elgandhi
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Any way to get rid of dilated pupils faster?
Just want a way to look normal faster after raves, went to Alesso in Richmond after taking 2 cuties and rolled my balls off but my pupils were dilated afterwards for quite a while. I am going to beyond wonderland at shoreline and will be staying at home for that. But I dont want massive eyes for when I come home, any ideas?
answered May 19, 2017 by Jessica
Just wear your sunglasses inside. Your parents will just think you're being a dumbass kid, copying what the rappers do or something, all while being non the wiser of what your night really involved.

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