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how to tell if a contact is in your eye?

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How do i know if my contact lens is still in my eye or it came off???see details?
i went to the movies and when i came back and took off my contacts, my right one came off but my left contact, i couldnt even feel it and i tried sooooo much but it didnt come off...i poked my eyes out like crazy but i dont know y its not coming off...pleaze help...i dont wanna sleep with them...i dont think it fell out cuz i think i would have felt it!!!...pleaze help!!!...im scared!!!

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asked May 19 in Health by cutie pie

2 Answers

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dont worry. theres a few tests:

ok 1. if there for far away- look at something in the distance and close your left eye. it should be blurry right?
then close the other eye. if its clear, the contacts in.
if its blurry, the contacts not in or moved not over your eye.

2. look at your left eye in the mirror. off to the sides, does it look like theres something folded. if so, its probably your contact.

3. put your finger over your eye and move it off the center.
if it hurts to put your finger over your iris(the colored part) then the contacts not there.

and 4. if none of these works.
then just put a few eyedrops in and flood your eye.
if the contacts in there. then it will get washed out.
answered May 19 by Jessica<3Rose
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I've lost contacts straight from my eyes after rubbing them weird or when my eyes were dry. Also after taking them out the wrong way and kind of blinking then, after inspecting the sink, myself, my eyes, finding one stuck on the mirror in front of me(!!) or sliding down the sink-hole...
If it was still in your eye you would feel it! It's happened to me. So sorry, but I think you lost it.
In any case go see your opthamoligist, you're not going to die or be blinded. You'll be okay
answered May 19 by Hyabusachic

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