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what does an inside out contact feel like?

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Does it hurt if contact lenses are inside out? ?
I just got contact lenses and i'm afraid of putting them on inside out. Problem is, I don't even know how it feels if they are inside out. How does it feel? Does it hurt? Is it easy to take out if they are?

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asked May 19 in Health by Jenny

2 Answers

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It doesn't hurt, but it is very uncomfortable. Before you put them in your eye, put them on the tip of a finger and hold it up to a light. When a contact lens is inside out, the tops/edges will curve out. When they are right side in, the tops/edges will curve straight up or slightly in.
I wouldn't worry too much about putting them in inside out. You will know right away and you can just take them out, reverse them, and try again.
Good luck!
answered May 19 by Andrea
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It seems your contact lenses are irritating your eyes for some reasons. Maybe they are inside out, this can happen with soft contacts. You can check if you have soft contacts by trying to bend them, if they are bendable, they are soft. Your eyes also need some time to adjust to your contact lenses. You shouldn't wear them any longer than 4 hours a day for the first to weeks, after that add 1 hour every week. You can wear them for a maximum time of 12 hours a day, after this time they will start irritating. I don't know if you just started wearing them all day long when you got them, if you did, don't wear them for about 3 days and after that start over, this time starting at 4 hours a day. Also make sure you clean your contacts very well. If this doesn't work go to your optician and he/she will help you. If there's nothing wrong with the contact lenses according to your optician go to your doctor, he/she will give you some eye drops. Hope this helps.
answered May 19 by SUSAN M

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