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what happens if you wear your contacts inside out?

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What happens if you put your contacts on inside out?
I put my contact in and at first it hurt so badly that I couldn't even open my eye to get it out. Then after about a minute it was better so I just left it in.
So I was wondering, if you put your contact on inside out (backwords) can you still see well?

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asked May 19 in Health by whatever.

4 Answers

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I can't see very well if my contacts are in backwards. Also, that pain never goes away until I get it out and fix the problem.
Perhaps there was a speck of something on the Lens when you put it it. Tearing up when it hurt could have washed it away, which was why it doesn't hurt anymore.
But if you aren't sure, its easy enough to pop it out, rinse it and put it back in again.
I hope that helps. :)
answered May 19 by Reiki Chick
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What happens if you wear contacts on the opposite side?
Do you mean backwards, or in the wrong eyes?
Backwards - your vision will be blurry.
Wrong eyes - your vision will be blurry, unless your prescriptions are identical in each eye in which case it does not matter.
answered May 19 by Cinnamon79
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Is it bad to wear contact lenses inside out?
Hi, I know this is weird but I found out if I wear my contacts inside out it fits my eye and is comfortable! However if I wear it the right way with the edges curled in, my contacts keep sliding around in my eye and I can feel it in there! If I put it on inside out I cannot feel my contacts and it is stable. Can I keep doing this without harm? Thanks!
answered May 19 by Kat B
Wearing lenses inside out won't hurt the eyes but it will cause the lenses to not fit properly. It sounds like what you are calling inside out may not be. Wear them whichever way they feel the best, are the most stable and give the best vision. An inside out lens usually slides around on the eyes and irritates the lids more.
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What if we put in our contact lens inside out?
Soft Contact lenses are designed to placed on the eye only on one side.
The cross section looks something like this:

So it's apparent why the contact lens will not fit snuggly if worn on the opposite surface. You may have foreign body sensation as the edges will no more be smooth and in all likelihood slip out of the eye eventually.

answered May 19 by Saskatchewan

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