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how to tell if contacts are inside out while wearing them?

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Can you see correctly when wearing contacts inside out?
I have two different prescriptions for contacts. One is a very thick contact and is easy to tell if it is inside out, the other one is very thin and flimsy and it is almost impossible to tell if it is inside out. I put it on the way i think it should go, and my vision is fine, but it irritates me some days and not others. Would I still be able to see correctly with it inside out?

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asked May 18, 2017 in Health by Sumit K

4 Answers

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You can see correctly when wearing contact lenses inside out. I know because I did it this morning! I have recently changed to a new type of lens, and the new ones are much more flimsy than my previous ones, and no matter how many times I turn it inside out and hold it up on my finger and look at the curve, I just can't tell if it's inside out or not!

The only way I can tell if it's inside out or not is after a couple of hours of wear - it feels a little uncomfortable and irritates my eye. I always carry a little bottle of solution around with me, so I just find a mirror, take out the lens, give it a bit of a clean and turn it around! And then it's always fine after that.

So basically, other than a little bit of irritation, my vision is not affected if the lens is inside out!

Try to remember that a lens is usually sitting inside-up in its unopened container, so if you make sure you take it out the right way then there should be no problems!
answered May 18, 2017 by dicathi
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Sometimes I put them on and they feel like knives in my eyes so I flip 'em and the same thing happens. Then I flip 'em again and they're okay.
answered May 18, 2017 by Me and me
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This is so true, but sometimes, it's nearly impossible to tell just by looking. But the sword-in-the-eyes feeling is a definite way to tell.
answered May 18, 2017 by RAT M
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It can be challenging to tell if a soft contact lens is inside-out. For one thing, you need that contact lens to see in the first place, so being told to look closely at a small, clear, curved object to determine which way it’s facing is a particularly cruel irony. We get it. We’re sorry. We’re here to help.

First, if you’re already wearing your contact lens…
If you think your contact is in inside out, know that it won’t do any damage to your eye. Whew. However, it won’t fit as well on your eye’s surface. It will likely feel like it moves around more, is uncomfortable, or like you have something stuck in your eye. Other times it’s subtle and may only start to bother you after the lens has been in for a few hours. HEADS UP: an inside-out lens is also more likely to pop out of your eye.

Interestingly, in most cases an inside out lens will not make your vision significantly more blurry.
answered May 18, 2017 by mexwmn70

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