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can i wear my left contact in my right eye?

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Can I wear my right contact lens in my left eye? I have astigmatism in my left eye but ran out of contacts.

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asked May 18, 2017 in Health by James

3 Answers

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It won't likely do any harm and may in fact work if the prescriptions are very similar in both eyes. However if the prescriptions are very different it may cause symptoms described as asthenopia, which can include pain, blurring, brow ache, headache, or feelings of nausea.
answered May 18, 2017 by Amelie
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My contact lens for my right eye is lost. Should I wear the lens for my left eye?
answered May 18, 2017 by Study
In this circumstance,  and after talking with your doctor,  you probably can wear a lens for the fellow eye as a temporary measure. This assumes that are not wearing an astigmatism or binoculars lens and it is a soft lens.

Please understand that what I write here should not be perceived as medical, legal or financial advice. If you have a particular concern, then you should see and discuss this with a professional.
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Can i use my left contact lens in my right eye?

I kinda have to because in my LAST pair of Contact lens my right one ripped, i noticed I had an extra left eye contact. They both hae same diameter but the prescription for the left eye is diffrent from my right eye. My left eye is -0.75 and right is -1.25. So would it hurt my eyes if i used 2 left contacts? 
My mom said too not wear them. Im wearing them right now and i see no difference. 
Id prefer answers from users that had same experience and or optometrists

Update: lol the thing is my glasses got stolen stupid right LOL, so i reordered my new pair. Im waiting on my glasses. I strain so much in school that i got wrinkles between my eyes beside each eye brow lol

answered May 18, 2017 by Thomas E
If your contacts are different strengths for each eye, then no you can't use your left contact in your right eye. Go with glasses for now until you can get more contacts. Even if you don't like glasses, it's still best to wear them if you don't have contacts so your eyes don't get worse.
Me. I wear contacts and I've had to deal with this same problem a couple times.

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